About Nikon School

Enriching the culture of photography
Through responsible approach, skilled mentors, and collaboration with partners and customers, Nikon School has been scaling the culture of photography to new heights.

The perfect amalgamation of technology and art.
Through Nikon School, we aim to create a platform for photographers, professionals and amateurs to communicate and exchange acquired knowledge, and share their inputs for refining photography further. Nikon as a brand is looking forward to creating champions by reaching out to photography enthusiasts who can conduct photography workshops across different genres. This would enable transfer of information, exchange of ideas and the gauging of customer insight to carve out an offering in line with a certain expectation from the brand.

Committed to augment a great photography experience
Through Nikon School, we offer workshops; classroom sessions and outdoor experience and expert guidance to both amateurs as well as photography enthusiasts by providing tips, expert guidance and insights on photography. Nikon School inspires photographers to take better photographs with the D-SLR, whatever is their experience level. Since the inception of Nikon School, we have been assisting photography fanatics master new techniques and improve their photography skills by providing clear, direct information on a wide range of technical and creative topics.